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Asian Business Collaborative and Expo

Logo Design, Branding + Art Direction

The Asian Business Collaborative (ABC), founded by Kristelle Siarza, is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources and support to the Asian community in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

As the Graphic Designer and Art Director for both initiatives, I undertook creating visual identities that would resonate with Asian cultures while capturing the essence of unity and success. I curated a traditional color palette, with red and gold as primary colors, symbolizing good fortune and prosperity. With the CEOs feedback, we incorporated the coin pictorial mark, representing wealth and tradition within various Asian communities.

In 2022, ABC hosted a first time event called Asian Expo & Marketplace, a celebration of Asian culture and a platform for promoting AAPI businesses. I was tasked with developing an eye-catching and culturally appropriate art direction that reflected the goals of the event. Collaborating closely with the ABC team, I revamped the color palette and expanded upon the existing assets, ensuring a visually compelling and authentic representation of Asian culture throughout the event's branding.

The Asian Expo & Marketplace event exceeded all expectations, attracting thousands of patrons, including notable guests like Ms. Erika Moritsugu, the White House Deputy Assistant to the President and Asian American and Pacific Islander Senior Liaison. Contributing to the success of this remarkable event was a true honor, and I cherish the experience as an opportunity to make a lasting impact.

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