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Logo Design + Branding

ORCTech or Optical Radio Communications Technology, works closely with NASA and various other federally funded science programs to develop and advance new technologies. Siarza had a wonderful opportunity to move forward and assist with branding their latest project, FRS-B, a signal-boosting technology like no other. This new technology would help boost signals to devices to receive and improve cell and radio service to electronic devices. We targeted emergency responders, adventurers and travelers alike with the logo design and visual direction.

The FRS-B logo was a special and grandiose opportunity due to the unique permissions we received from a New Mexican Native American tribe. We were granted permissions to use a chosen petroglyph from their heritage. This creature with the flute was recognizable and memorable. I targeted a responsive design with the striking color palette ensuring an adventurous but still first responder-esque design.

Project Gallery

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