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Logo Design + Branding

FRS-B - Revolutionizing Signal-Boosting Technology for Emergency Responders and Adventurers

Explore my collaboration with ORCTech (Optical Radio Communications Technology), a pioneering organization closely associated with NASA and federal science programs. Together, we embarked on an exciting branding venture for their latest innovation, FRS-B—a groundbreaking signal-boosting technology with unprecedented capabilities. This cutting-edge solution revolutionizes signal reception and enhances cell and radio service for electronic devices.

The primary objective was to create a compelling logo design and visually captivating direction that would resonate with emergency responders, adventurers, and travelers alike. Leveraging my graphic design expertise, I crafted a logo that embodied the essence of the FRS-B technology while appealing to the target audience.

One of the standout aspects of the FRS-B logo design was the unique opportunity we received from a Native American tribe based in New Mexico. With their gracious permission, we incorporated a selected petroglyph from their rich heritage. This recognizable and memorable creature playing a flute added a touch of cultural significance to the logo. To ensure the design catered to both adventurous and first responder sensibilities, I employed a responsive design approach and curated a striking color palette that exuded a sense of adventure while maintaining a professional appeal.

Witness the seamless fusion of innovation, cultural respect, and aesthetic appeal through the FRS-B logo and visual direction. Discover how graphic design can elevate technological advancements and captivate diverse audiences. Browse through the designs below and embrace the spirit of exploration and connectivity that FRS-B embodies.

Project Gallery

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