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Indigenous Montessori Institute

Logo Design + Branding

Where Culture and Digitally Engaging Logo Design Meet

Discover the captivating collaboration between Siarza and the Indigenous Montessori Institute (IMI), as we embarked on the challenge of creating a logo that seamlessly blends cultural relevance with a modern digital focus. Tasked with representing the unique identity of the Pueblo de Cochiti and aligning with the institute's visionary goals, we delved deep into the rich environment that surrounds the pueblo—mountainous and visually distinctive.

Drawing inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes that define the Pueblo de Cochiti, we sought to craft a logo that not only embraced the essence of the environment but also remained responsive and adaptable across various digital platforms, including mobile devices. By adopting an abstract design direction, we skillfully married the vibrant color palette of the Keres Children's Learning Center, paying homage to the cultural roots while infusing a contemporary aesthetic.

The result is a striking, bold, and responsive logo that serves as the visual embodiment of the IMI program. Witness the harmonious fusion of cultural authenticity and modern design principles, encapsulated within this emblematic symbol. Designed to resonate with today's digital-focused world, the logo serves as a gateway to the Indigenous Montessori Institute's transformative educational journey.

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