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Logo Design, Branding, Website Design, + Art Direction

Siarza is a full service marketing agency based in Albuquerque, New Mexico with team members across the United States and Philippines. They provide a host of services and are at the forefront of every digital innovation happening in social media.

Currently at Siarza, my team and I have been evolving and rebuilding the brand from top to bottom for nearly five years now. I have worked with our Account Executives, CEO, and Director of Client Services on redesigning and establishing the visual direction on every single creative coming out of Siarza. Siarza is shattering the industry standards not only in terms of strategy and marketing but also in culture. The art direction for Siarza needed to match the bold and unbashful culture and team we’ve built. Strong lines and bold colors are only the tip of the spear for our branding and recognizability. With the new logo, branding, website, and art direction designed by yours truly, we stand head and shoulders above any other design organization in the southwest.

Here you can find just some of my favorite pieces of work. Keep one eye open, you’ll be seeing more of us!

Make sure to check out our website!

Project Gallery

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