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Vision Zero

Logo Design, Branding + Art Direction

One of the City of Albuquerque’s major priorities throughout Mayor Keller’s term was public safety for pedestrians. Knowing the power of marketing, Siarza pitched branded public safety for the Vision Zero project. This project's goal was to reduce pedestrian involved traffic incidences and bring awareness to pedestrian safety and laws.

Working with the client, account executives, and videographer to hone in on the branding and aesthetic of Vision Zero while also adhering to the city's One Albuquerque branding guidelines, we developed a vivacious color palette that echoed traditional American road signage but also stood on its own within the city's branding. Moving into responsive design, I created several different versions to help mobile and traditional marketing get on its feet and be recognizable even against the city's backdrop. Now branded top to bottom, we utilized traditional and digital marketing to design billboards, film videos, and helped launch the project which now has over 80 community members!

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