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Vision Zero

Logo Design, Branding + Art Direction

City of Albuquerque - Empowering Pedestrian Safety through Branded Public Awareness Campaign

Enter the impactful collaboration between Siarza and the City of Albuquerque, as we joined forces to address one of the city's major priorities during Mayor Keller's term: public safety for pedestrians. Recognizing the influential power of marketing, Siarza pitched a branded public safety campaign for the visionary Vision Zero project. This initiative aimed to reduce pedestrian-involved traffic incidents and raise awareness about pedestrian safety and laws within the city.

In close collaboration with the client, dedicated account executives, and our talented videographer, we embarked on a mission to refine the branding and aesthetic of Vision Zero, all while adhering to the city's One Albuquerque branding guidelines. Drawing inspiration from traditional American road signage, we curated a vivacious color palette that not only resonated with the project's goals but also stood out distinctively within the broader city branding.

Embracing the principles of responsive design, I created multiple iterations to ensure the campaign's visual identity remained recognizable across various marketing platforms, including mobile and traditional channels. With a comprehensive branding approach, we transformed Vision Zero into a cohesive and engaging experience, infused with the essence of the city's vibrant backdrop.

Now, boasting a comprehensive branding strategy from top to bottom, we harnessed the power of traditional and digital marketing channels to amplify the campaign's impact. From designing impactful billboards to producing compelling videos, our collaborative efforts helped launch the project with resounding success, garnering the support of over 80 community members.

Join in witnessing the transformative power of graphic design in driving public awareness, fostering pedestrian safety, and making a positive impact on the community. Experience the union of visual aesthetics, strategic marketing, and community engagement that brought Vision Zero to life within the City of Albuquerque.

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