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Women's Debate Institute

Branding, Art Direction + Website Design

Women's Debate Institute is an organization who advocates and facilitates educational and professional opportunities for marginalized gender identities in the debate community. Siarza had the exciting opportunity to expand the existing brand and overhaul the client's website. I began by curating a larger color palette and adjusting the logo to be more responsive for modern design uses. We worked in tandem by creating numerous new graphic design pieces for products such as pens and stickers; as well as social media and email templates. With the new branding structure, we worked with, Justin, our videographer/photographer, curating imagery and designing the website to be cohesive with the new design direction. Using sharp and abstract shapes to echo the unique “W” logo, we created a distinct visual style that earned a silver ADDY award in the Elements of Advertising – Art Direction division.

Make sure to check out their website!

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