Asian Business Collaborative and Asian Expo + Marketplace

Branding and Direction

At the height of anti Asian sentiment due to the pandemic, Kristelle Siarza decided to create an important project for the Asian community, the Asian Business Collaborative. This non profit organization's goal is to provide resources for the greater Asain community starting in Albuquerque. Knowing I’d need to represent Asian communities as a whole, I started with a traditional color palette with red and gold as primary colors to the design. Kristelle and I also spent a lot of time on what would really represent every culture the best and landed on the coin pictorial mark as a symbol of wealth for the more traditional portions of the communities. Combined with the professional look of Futura, it's now been a staple part of the branding even moving into their first event, Asain Expo & Marketplace.

Asian Expo & Marketplace is designed to build visibility and awareness of AAPI businesses and to celebrate Asain culture with three big events. The Business Expo, the New Mexico Asian Film Festival, and API Marketplace. As the first event ABC has hosted and first time event for the Asian Expo & Marketplace, I knew I had to open with on brand, culturally appropriate, eye-catching design. I started by curating an updated color palette and expanding the assets ABC had started with. I also worked closely with the ABC team on the Expos logo and visual assets to stay culturally appropriate and visually compelling throughout the designs. One of the hallmarks this year is what I’ve deemed the “wave ribbon” and the koi fish almost acting as the mascot for the event. At the time of writing we still are in production but I will have exciting things to share as we complete the project!

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